SACK - Sports and Arts Camp for Kids

Sports and Arts Camp for Kids 2022

Thank you for planning to be a part of our Sports and Arts Camp (SACK) this year at Trinity Nazarene. We were looking forward to learning new things and honing our skills together but unfortunately, we have to cancel this event. COVID has hit several of our workers leaving us shorthanded and unable to provide the quality event that had been planned. As you know, without adequate workers we cannot ensure the safety of each child, which is our top priority.
We hope you understand and again we apologize for cancelling SACK. We never like to cancel events, but this became an unfortunate necessity. We will keep you informed of plans for SACK in the future as this will be an ongoing event that we hope to make better every year. Thank you for your understanding and we hope you have a great summer.

June 27 – 30, 2022

5:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Preschool – 5th grade (Fall 2022)
Choose Art, Music, or Basketball Camp
(space is limited)
Monday – Wednesday
5:30-6:00 pm Check-in
6:00-8:30 pm Kids Camp
5:30-6:00 pm Check-in
6:00-8:30 pm Family Night
Families join campers for an evening showcase of art, music, a basketball scrimmage, and a guest magician!
Contact Pastor Kim
Volunteer information:

Sports and Arts Camp for Kids is going to be an awesome event, but we can’t do it alone! 

We have a team of camp leaders in place and have MANY supporting roles to make this camp a success. 

SACK has a place for you to impact the lives of children as they play and learn about Jesus.  We have ministry opportunities for every adult age and for teens who are entering at least 7th grade.

Volunteer Roils 



Make phone calls and/or send a postcard to kids and families who came to SACK, but are not regular attendees of Trinity.

Offering exchangers and counters

Take offering money and exchange it for marbles the kids will place in the offering scales in the sanctuary.  Count the offering each night. 


Assistance for things such as getting supplies to needed locations, delivering messages to workers, helping get kids to and from the bathroom, etc.


Be in a seated location between the registration desk and the sanctuary to help guide kids to where they need to be at the beginning of each night.  

Art assistants

Assist the art leaders and art camp kids with their projects.

Music assistants

Assist the music leaders and music camp kids with their projects and skill building.

Basketball assistants

Assist the basketball coaches and basketball camp kids with their skill building and play.


Front door security and building security are needed.


Run the media for the opening/closing each night in the sanctuary.


Run the sound for the opening/closing each night in the sanctuary.

Nursery attendants

Work in the nursery caring for the children of volunteers.

Special Needs helpers

Assist the Special Needs leader and the Special Needs kids in the art, music, or basketball camp they’re registered for.


Roam the halls of SACK and capture memories.

Prayer Team

Prayer for kids as they learn about Jesus and the volunteers as they minister to them.

All volunteers 18 and over must have a background check on file with Trinity
7th-grade through 17 years must have approval from Pastor Ben