What is Youth Bible Quizzing?

Youth Bible Quizzing is a group-focused ministry. Youth study together, practice together, and compete together. They encourage each other to stay committed to studying the Bible. They work together to help each other memorize the memory verses. They hold each other accountable to keeping Christlike attitudes throughout all of this and during competitions. Many quizzers tell stories of how a particular passage or book of the Bible they are studying has challenged them live differently.
While memorization of the Bible is unquestionably a valuable endeavor, the goal of Bible Quizzing is to move the student of the Word to become an implementer of the Word. To stop at memorization misses the point of Bible Quizzing. We should be continually asking the question, “How does this passage shape how we live?”
As you study these books of the Bible, repeatedly reflect on the following questions to move you towards living out the Word you are studying.
  1. What does this passage tell me about God?
  2. What does this passage tell me about myself?
  3. What does this passage tell me about my relationship with God?
  4. How does this passage challenge or affirm the way I relate to God and others?
  5. How does this passage call me to change?

The Quiz Cycle

Quiz Year Book(s) Total Verses Total Words
2021-2022 Romans, James 541 8,853
2022-2023 Acts 1,006 18,451
2023-2024 Gal, Eph, Phi, Col, Phlm 528 8,198
2024-2025 Luke 1,151 19,482
2025-2026 1 & 2 Corinthians 693 11,306
2026-2027 John 879 15,635
2027-2028 Hebrews, 1 & 2 Peter 469 7,736
2028-2029 Matthew 1,071 18,345

The Season

The local quiz season begins in August and ends with the District Finals in April. Quiz Meets occur one Saturday of each month at different host churches throughout our district. This provides a variety and balance of travel time for all involved. The study material of Epistles and Gospels repeats every 8 years (see table above).

Our Coaches

Bonnie – In 2007, Bonnie attended her first quiz meet as a parent of a quizzer and has been hooked on this ministry ever since. She has served in various roles including coach, program director, content judge and quiz master. Contact Bonnie at 719-209-1902 or bonnie.smith@yahoo.com.
Diana – After 7 years of being away, Diana jumped (pun intended) back into serving our teens in quizzing in 2018. Diana was a quizzer for 7 years and made the National’s All-Star team twice. After quizzing, Diana became a quiz master for a year before moving to a district without a quiz program. Her contact information is 575-791-5036 or blaschked51@gmail.com.
Caleb has been a quizzer his entire childhood. Being introduced through children’s quizzing and continued as a teen quizzer in the Joplin district and made it to regionals at MidAmerica Nazarene University one year, but opted out for scheduling complications. As an adult, he has been a quizmaster for children’s quizzing for one year in the South Texas district and has also served as a quizmaster and content judge for three years in the Colorado district. Contact Caleb at 719-332-6619 or rcryman@gmail.com
Quizzers are expected to study at home so times together can be spent practicing competition situations or playing games using the quiz material. Most practices will take place on Sunday afternoons. See calendar for complete details and times.

The Competition

Competing as teams consisting of up to 5 quizzers, the quizzers follow a round-robin schedule that concludes in the afternoon. When we have more than 5 quizzers participating at a tournament, we will form multiple teams. Awards are given for the top individual achievements and final team standings.

Quizzing components
Most quizzing teams are made up of four to five members. During quiz rounds, there are four quizzers and one substitute.
Each team has one adult who serves as a coach.
Quiz Master
The quiz master reads each question, recognizes the quizzer who got the question, and rules whether or not the answer given in correct or not.
Content Judge
The content judge listens for errors in the reading of the question and the answers, assists the quiz master with ruling on answers, and keeps time.
The scorekeeper records the official team lineups, points gained or lost, and final scores.
Jump Judge
The jump judge determines which quizzer jumped first. This position is not needed when using electronic jump seats or buttons.
Correct answers to toss-up questions are worth 20 points. Correct answers to bonus questions are worth 10 points. Some errors cause a 10 point deduction.
Toss-up question
A question that is open to all teams; a correct answer is worth 20 points.
Bonus question
A question given to a specific member of a team after an error by their opponents; a correct answer is worth 10 points.
An error is an incorrect answer to a toss-up question
An appeal occurs when the captain of a team has a concern with a question, such as how it was read, how it was worded or distractions that occurred while it was read.
A challenge occurs when the captain of a team has a concern about the quizmaster’s ruling of an answer to a toss-up question.
Question sets
A question set contains the 20 questions used in a given round and includes a separate list of questions to be available as replacement questions if needed.
Question types
General information
According to
Gives the specific verse and requires the quizzer to stay within the context of that verse for both their question and answer.
A quote is given and the quizzer must supply the requested information about the situation surrounding the quote. The situation question is only used when quizzing on the gospels and Acts.
In what book and chapter
A quote is given and the quizzer must supply the book and chapter of the quote (used for the epistles only).
Quote, finish this verse or finish this verse and give the reference
Exact knowledge of the verse and its reference are required as specified.
Tests quizzer ability to tie concepts together.
Scoring Guidelines
Bonus Points:
+20 points for a correct answer to a toss-up question (individual and team scores)
+10 points for a correct answer to a bonus question (team score)
+10 points for correct answers to 4 toss-up questions without error by an individual (individual and team scores)
+10 additional points for a correct answer to a toss-up question by a 3rd team member (team score)
+10 additional points for a correct answer to a toss-up question by a 4th team member (team score)
+10 additional points for a correct answer to a toss-up question by a 5th team member (team score)
Penalty Points:
–10 points for a late line-up (team score)
–10 points for every error beginning with the 16th question (team score)
–10 points for every team error beginning with the 5th error (team score)
–10 points for the 3rd individual error (individual and team score)
–10 points for all fouls committed by a team or any member of that team beginning with the 2nd foul (team score)
–10 points for every overruled challenge beginning with the 2nd (team score)
–10 points for every challenge containing erroneous information (team score)
–10 points for every rebuttal containing erroneous information (team score)
*No more than 10 points may be deducted for any error. However, additional points may be deducted for fouls, erroneous information, etc,, on the same question.

3 Biggest Myths About Teen Bible Quizzing

“I’m not good at memorizingor “You need to memorize a lot for Quizzing” There are only 3 Memory Verse questions per round. While some quizzers choose to learn the Memory Verses, most questions in competition don’t need to be answered word-perfect.
“I’m not smart enough to Quiz”
Quizzing is not a test! You don’t need to know the answer to every question! (The most questions anyone can answer in a game is 4, anyway!) Regardless, the point is to learn God’s Word and have fun while being a part of a team. Not everyone can be the top quizzer.
“I don’t have time for Quizzing”
Really? All you need is 15 minutes a day to read a chapter and review practice questions. You could always trade 15 minutes of social media for God’s Word. Or read while traveling to school.


Annual Fee – $10-$25 includes binder with materials and scripture portion options
Quiz meet fees – $5-6 due at each quiz meet
Quiz meet meals – Quizzers may bring their own lunch or money for a fast food lunch. One or two meets may be far enough away we will need to stop for a fast food meal on our way home.